A Brief History Of The National Park System

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One of Abraham Lincoln’ most enduring acts was to sign a bill establishing Yellowstone National Park in 1864 to “be held for public use, resort, and recreationinalienable for all time”. Mackinac National Park became the United States second national park in 1875 and the beginning of the National Park System(NPS).

While the NPS was establishing some of America’s most scenic areas, others were trying to protect cultural sites, and landmarks leading to the Antiquities Act of 1906. This act protects the Giant Sequoias, the Statue of Liberty, the Aztec Ruins of New Mexico and many more. Read more…

Eight Simple Things That Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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Lessening your carbon footprint is not hard, but simply requires planning. Below are eight simple things that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and make your life more comfortable.

Tuneup your home’s HVAC system: By replacing filters and having regular tuneups on your heating and air conditioning systems, you will create a more energy efficient home.

Choose efficient appliances: When it is time to replace major home appliances, choose the most energy efficient models available. Read more…

How To Reduce Household Costs While Protecting The Environment

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Helping the environment can save money too. Here are several ways to help the environment and cut household expenses at the same time.

Biking and walking are environmentally friendly and frugal methods of transportation. Bicycles are cheaper to maintain than cars and do not burn gasoline which is both expensive and hard on the environment. Plus, walking and biking are also good for your health.

Electricity costs money and is generally produced by burning coal, petroleum or natural gas. Finding simple ways to consume less electricity can save money and reduce the Read more…

Tips for Living Green and Staying Green

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The Green Lifestyle is a noble pursuit but it requires some real dedication and, depending on how you have been living prior, it could require some real changes in the way you live your life.

There’s nothing to worry about, though, because today you will learn about a few simple tips to help you on your way toward a greener lifestyle.

Below are listed some of the more helpful tips:

- Power your home with renewable or green energy. Lots of homes already come with these implements and you can find out more online. You could also try switching to a green energy provider – sites and services like Energy in Texas can help answer any questions you might have there.

- Invest in some green housecleaning products and take a trip to the organic food market. There are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives to your usual cleaners. As for organic and green food, those can be pricy, but they are also healthier and better for you in the long run.

- Unplug and turn off known energy hogs. This includes your space heaters, your computers and your gaming consoles. You can still use these, but don’t leave them on and, as far as gaming consoles go, don’t forget to unplug them. Some of them can still draw power, even in the OFF position.

Living Green On The Cheap Side

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Green living is not only a trendy lifestyle, it prevents future damage to the earth. Some people worry that an environmentally friendly lifestyle is too expensive for them to implement. There are many low cost ways to help the environment and some do not cost anything.

Mowing your lawn after the sun goes down is better than cutting the grass in the daytime. Even better than that is using a man-powered mower. By sacrificing the convenience of a gas powered lawn mower, you can help the environment while you get a great workout. What may seem Read more…

Teaching Children About The Benefits Of A Green Lifestyle

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Teaching children about the benefits of a green lifestyle will instill a set of behaviors that will be passed on for several generations. Learning to protect and preserve this green earth today, will ensure the children today and their children have a safe environment to live in. It also gives them a little piece of ownership of the planet.

Kids learn by watching their parents and other adults. It is so easy to teach by setting an example and requires very little lecturing. Proper recycling is one way to teach children the benefits Read more…

How To Reduce Your Everyday Household Waste

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There are many ways for you to reduce your everyday household waste. The option that you use will be based on your preference and availability in your area.


This is the best way to reduce your household waste. Plastic milk bottles, cardboard, and other types of paper products are easily recyclable. Look to see if your town, city or community offers a program that will pick up recyclable products at your home. A drop-off location may also be available. All items that you recycle is less that will be thrown away Read more…

Using The Internet To Promote Recycling In The Community

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Now more than ever, recycling is an important way to control how much waste can be eliminated from landfills and reused in some other way. Though in some communities, recycling may not be as encouraged as it is in others. By using social networking and internet resources, you can turn your community even greener.

The first step is reaching out to people in your area, whether it’s via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or any other form of social media. Create a group or a list wherein you can connect with your Read more…

How To Start A Recycling Program In Your Neighborhood

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We all know that recycling is great for the environment. If your local town doesn’t have a program available, you may be thinking about starting one up. For those that are interested in starting a program, here are some steps you can take to successfully create one:

Deciding – First of all, decide what you’re going to recycle with your program. Do you want to recycle plastics? What about computers? Remember that every city is going to have their own ordinances.

Vendor – People can send Read more…